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Utilities, Laundry and Furniture

Utilities: Electricity, Heating, Water and Gas

Rent does not always include utilities like electricity (hydro), heating, water and gas. Ask your landlord the following questions so that you can budget for the cost of living: If utilities are not included in your rent, you can arrange for the companies below to set up them up. Your monthly bill will depend on how much electricity, heating, water or gas you use. In addition to the monthly bill, a deposit and/or an initial installment fee may be required.

Natural gas line services:
Union Gas
Telephone: 1-888-774-3111
Electricity and water services:
London Hydro
Telephone: 519-661-5503

Electricity  in Canada

In North America, electricity is 120 volts and 60 Hertz. Electrical outlets take a 2-prong plug, with the option of a third prong, called a ‘grounder’. The prongs on the plug are rectangular, not circular. Depending on which country you are from, you may require a:

Plug adapter: If your electronic devices do not fit into Canada’s 2-prong electrical outlets.
Transformer: If your electrical devices require more or less than 120 volts of electricity.

We suggest that you purchase a plug adaptor and/or a transformer in your home country if you are bringing electrical appliances.

Laundry Facilities

Most houses come with a washing machine and clothing dryer that you may use whenever you want. Apartment buildings usually provide a laundry room with numerous coin or card operated machines. Each machine will cost approximately one to two dollars per use. Ask your landlord about the cost of the machines and how to use them.

If you do not have laundry machines in your house or apartment, you can go to a laundromat. Laundromats have numerous coin or card -operated washing machines and dryers. They usually have ironing equipment and dry cleaning services too. Machines cost approximately one to three dollars per use. You can keep the cost low by bringing your own soap and fabric softener to the laundromat.

These are a few laundromats in London:

The Laundry Café
590 Oxford St. E. (at Adelaide St.)
Telephone: 519-432-8222
Tommy Sud’s Laundry & Cafe
79 Commissioners Road West
Telephone: 519-679-7428
Comet Laundrynet Cafe
120 York Street
Telephone: 519-850-9274


 Used Furniture Stores
Many stores sell used furniture in London. Generally, you must move the furniture yourself but ask about delivery options just in case. Return to the store later if you do not find what you are looking for because new items arrive every week. The following stores usually carry used furniture:

Value Village
1500 Dundas Street
Telephone: 519-659-0605
Sherwood Forest Mall, 1225 Wonderland Rd. N 
Telephone: 519-472-1959
1345 Huron Street
Telephone: 519-455-1112

You can also check for used furniture online at Kijiji London or install the Carousell app on your smart phone.

Used Furniture from Other Students
Another great place to find cheap furniture is from students who are moving at the end of the school year in late April to early May. Students usually advertise what they have for sale on posters around campus or in the campus newspapers. Many students will even put unwanted furniture at the end of their lawn to be collected by other people for free (always ask before taking unless there is a "free" sign). 
Students also advertise items they want to sell on Western’s Off-Campus Housing Garage Sale page.

New Furniture
Some furniture stores in London offer new furniture at discounted prices. Ask a sales person about delivery options—some stores offer free delivery! Here are a few options:

Sears Outlet Store
530 Oxford Street West
Telephone: 519-474-3838
White Oaks Mall, 1105 Wellington Road South
Telephone: 519-681-7500
The Sofa Gallery
1350 Fanshawe Park Road West
Telephone: 519-473-7632
50 North Centre RD   
Telephone: 519-645-1414