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UHIP Coverage

UHIP provides coverage for basic health care services such as hospital, physician, laboratory, ambulance and some other services generally covered by Ontario resident health insurance. UHIP pays up to $1,000,000 (Canadian) a year for each covered person incurring eligible health services and medical treatments. Eligible expenses include:

Services that are not covered by the plan include:

Make sure to thoroughly read the description of coverage to ensure that you understand the details of the plan. Please visit the UHIP website ( for detailed coverage information.

* Most full-time students at Western are automatically enrolled in a "Extended Health Plan" which may cover some of the items mentioned above.

How to Use Your UHIP Coverage

In order to access medical services in Ontario, you must present valid proof of health care coverage, such as your UHIP card.

Not all health care and medical providers will accept UHIP or bill Sun Life directly. The health care provider may charge you the fees up front for their services, which you may later request a reimbursement from Sun Life.

To find a preferred health care provider (i.e., a provider that accepts UHIP), visit the Preferred Provider Network. This online search tool is designed to find a preferred network provider closest to you. You may easily register using your email address and UHIP policy number (050150).

Did you know that students at Western can see a doctor on campus at Student Health Services (Room 11, UCC)?

Important: Students should always carry with them their UHIP card and a UHIP Claim Form whenever they visit a doctor or hospital. You can print off and complete the UHIP Claim Form prior to the visit and have it signed by the physician.

How to Make a Claim

In the event that you are charged medical fees up front by a health care provider, you will need to request a reimbursement from SunLife. To do this you must do the following no more than 12 months after receiving service from the provider:

Tip: Always keep a photocopy of your claim form and receipts before mailing it!

To learn more about submitting a claim, visit the UHIP website.

Note: Some health care providers may charge the Ontario Medical Association rate which is significantly higher than UHIP or OHIP. You will be reimbursed the UHIP rate only. It is important to ask your health care provider beforehand about the medical rates they charge.